Sea Freight to UAE: Everything You Need to Know

Sea freight forwarding services form the basis of the import and export processes for businesses. Their specialised services ensure goods are transported efficiently and stress-free. The primary benefits of working with a renowned freight forwarding company like Reliance Freight Systems include :

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Quick communication
  • Customs process simplification
  • Real-time end-to-end tracking

We facilitate the entire sea freight process for shippers, from collection to storage to shipping. From intricacies and legal compliance, we do it all while you focus on core business.

What is Sea freight shipping?

Sea freight shipping is the process of transporting bulky goods through carrier ships. It is a conventional mode of transportation for long distances, as carrier ships can carry heavy machinery, high-loaded goods, and volatile substances. For shipping packed goods through the sea route, sea freight forwarding companies in UAE load goods initially in containers and then onto sea vessels.

How Do Sea Freight Services Work In The United Arab Emirates?

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing logistical industries in the 21st century. Sea freight services in the UAE are primarily handled through this capital city.

Here is how sea freight services proceed:

 1. Maritime ports in Dubai

 Dubai has various technologically advanced ports, like Jebel Ali port and Port Rashid. These ports play an essential role in the logistics industry due to their highly strategic geographical location, which helps attract cargo and shipments from across the globe and becomes a good source of revenue for Dubai.

2. Documentation and Port Management

Before cargo movement through the sea is done, every sea freight forwarding company in the UAE prepares proper documentation and completes the paperwork of the containers thoroughly checking for  correct labelling, bills, and additional permits and certificates. Security is the primary concern in sea freight forwarding services in the UAE, and it is undoubtedly taken care of by the authorities at sea freight UAE.

3. Containerization

Sea freight in the UAE matches the standards of standard shipping containers, and there is an ample variety of container sizes available running from 20 feet and 40 feet.

 4. Maritime handling

 As soon as packages and cargo arrive at the Dubai ports, they are thoroughly checked, including customs inspections and security checks performed by sea freight forwarding services.

5. Reservation

 Owners usually make the cargo reservation by utilising services of a sea freight forwarding company in the UAE. They select their perfect cargo, secure the space on the vessel, and book in advance to make the entire process hassle-free.

Advantages of Sea Freight Forwarding Services in UAE

  • Economically means of transportation

It is an economical way to transport goods as compared to the airways.

  • Environment friendly

It is a low-carbon emission way to transport heavy goods, as fossil fuels are not used here.

  • Easier custom process

Sea freight forwarding services in the UAE have strict customs regulations to be followed by companies to ship their products. UAE has an efficient customs process, which makes the legalities more efficient and easy.

Documentation Required For Shipping In UAE

To ensure your shipment in UAE is efficient, you need certain important documents that can make your work less time-consuming and avoid no extra cost:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Certificate of origin
  • Packing list
  • Bill of landing
  • Letter of credit
  • Export declaration form
  • Permit


Sea freight forwarding services from Reliance Freight Systems for the UAE make transporting cargo easier and relatively efficient. We help tackle the strict regulations of The United Arab Emirates as we provide correct information, and make shipping a smooth process.



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